10 drinks to beat the heat this summer


By Khyati Sanger 
Published May 25, 2021

Hindustan Times


Cold or Iced coffee

The lifesaver for caffeine addicts during hot sunny days

Pexels: Vinicius Maciel

Ice tea

Ice tea is loved for being rejuvenating and having a mild flavour that can be enjoyed with almost any food

Lassi or Chaas 

This yogurt drink is perfect when you want to feel refreshed


The evergreen drink is an all time favourite for many. Simple to make and really refreshing 

Pexels: Anthony Shkraba

Coconut water

Delicious and healthy, coconut water is a perfect drink for the hot summer days

Jal jeera

The masala in this refreshing drink will help you detoxify 

Mango Lassi

A great way to enjoy the king of fruits

Pixabay: ArtificialOG 

Sugarcane Juice

This sweet beverage will recharge your energy in no time

Pixabay: Joseph Mucira

Aam Panna

This tangy drink is made out of raw mangoes and helps you resist heat

 Fruit Juice

It is one of the healthier options that replenish the nutrition in your body

Pixabay: silviarita

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