10 drool-worthy street food across India


By Srimoyee Chowdhury
Published May 24, 2021

Hindustan Times


Pav Bhaji

This popular snack is bound to fill your tummy and your heart


Also called panipuri, these crunchy balls full of tangy masala water, will blow your mind

Pixabay: Nisha Gill 


Steamed, fried or pan-fried, every kind of momo can make your mouth water

Pexels: Prajjwal Budhathoki


Accompanied with some spicy chutney, this snack is an all-time favourite

Bhel Puri

Grab a plate of this chaat while shopping or just hanging out with friends

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One of the most favourite street foods of the country that you can have with white chutney and sambar

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A must-have for any occasion, celebration and hangout session

Pexels: cottonbro

Spring roll

Veg or chicken, this snack is a lip-smacking finger food for any time

Pixabay: Jonathan Valencia 

Fried chicken

Delicious and filling, who doesn’t love a bite off a juicy piece?

Pexels: Valeria Boltneva

 Idli Sambar

This popular South-Indian street food is a favourite among many

Pexels: sarthak

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