Exotic fruits from
around the world


By Trisha Sengupta
Published September 11, 2020

Hindustan Times


 They’re softer and sweeter than the regular bananas and filled with an earthier flavor

Red Bananas

This fruit with a lemony fragrance has tendrils that resemble human fingers

Buddha’s Hand

Credit: Pixabay

This fruit has a jelly-like lime green interior covered with a yellowish-orange outer peel


Credit: Pixabay

With a hard outer cover, the flesh of this fruit has a sweet and tangy taste


Credit: Pixabay

 Sweet and acidic in taste, this fruit is also known as snake fruit for their red-brown coloured flaky skin


Credit: Pixabay

Despite the name it’s actually not a melon. This sweet fruit, with distinctive purple strips, is often eaten raw or with salad

Pepino Melon

Credit: Pixabay

It has a structure similar to a lychee and belongs from the same family but is more aromatic in taste


With flesh that resembles the colour and texture of chocolate pudding, this is a delicious fruit which has a green outer covering

Black Sapote

Credit: Pixabay

With looks similar to a corn, this fruit has a scaly exterior with soft flesh. It is consumed only after it ripens properly, which takes about a year, as an unripe one can be toxic

Monstera Deliciosa

This sweet fruit is unusual as it grows directly on the trunk of the tree instead of from branches


Credit: Pixabay

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