10 Snacks To Pair With Evening Tea


By Mehak Pal
Published Aug 25, 2021

Hindustan Times


Aloo Chaat 

This no-fuss dish is tasty to eat and needs hardly any prep time. It’s made with boiled/fried potatoes, chutney and masala. It pairs well with chai

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Sweet Corn Bhel

Mix boiled sweet corn with chopped onion, tomato and other veggies you like. Add some spices and squeeze lemon on it. Mix well and garnish it with coriander leaves 

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This popular snack is one of the best tea-time companions especially in the rainy season

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Classic chai time snack, bhajiyas are made with onion and spices. Top it with chat masala while serving or turn to good old ketchup for a tastier treat

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A mixture of puffed rice and a variety of crispy namkeens topped with chopped onion, tomato, green chilli and some chat masala

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Bread Pakora

This famous dish is made of bread, with a filling of mashed potatoes. It’s fried with a coating of gram flour mixture. Serve it with chutney

Khasta Kachori

Crispy and yummy tea-time snack made of all-purpose flour and filled with spices and pulses

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Prepared from a fermented batter of rice and chickpeas, it tastes sweet and salty. It’s served with green chilli

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 Vada Pav 

Another popular snack, this is prepared with potatoes, gram flour, and a spices 

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Chickpea Falafel Balls

These crispy and shallow fried falafel balls are made up of chickpeas, potato and spices

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