10 things that can help you pass time


By Amrita Kohli 
Published May 13, 2021

Hindustan Times


Tired of scrolling through your social media feeds? Need an alternative to pass time? Here are a few things you can try that may help


When was the last time you picked up a needle and thread? Well, now maybe a good time. It could be a nice idea to keep your hands busy


If embroidery doesn’t interest you, how about trying your hand at knitting. If nothing else, come winter, you may have yourself a nice scarf

Pexels : Pavel Danilyuk

Jigsaw Puzzles

Get your hands on an intricate jigsaw puzzle that’ll keep you busy for hours - or at least until you finish it

Read books

You may have thought about starting that one book several times. Take it out and read a page or two. You may get hooked


Colouring is a great way to pass time and keep the phone at bay

Pexels : cottonbro 


Adorn your house with plants and nurture them. It can be very calming. You can even grow your own veggies


Another way to keep your hands busy while you binge watch your current series is crocheting. There are many tutorials on YouTube that you can learn from


Another stress buster is cooking. Whether you choose to make a salad or an elaborate dish, the end result is a nice dish for you try

Learn a language

How about using the Internet to teach yourself a new language? 


If word puzzles interest you, how about spending time doing a crossword puzzle each day?

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