10 tips to maintain healthy teeth


By Srimoyee Chowdhury
Published June 13, 2021

Hindustan Times



Take ample time to cover every nook and corner of your mouth while brushing. Don’t use the same brush for a prolonged time

Pexels: Ron Lach


Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride and prevents cavities


Regular flossing helps in ensuring there's no food stuck in between the teeth

Pexels: Sora Shimazaki


Though a temporary solution, go for a refreshing mouthwash to start your day on a fresh note

Pixabay: Olya Adamovich

Avoid tobacco, coffee

Caffeine and smoking takes a toll on teeth enamel and can bring a yellowish tone

Right food

Eat high fibre content food that is good for teeth. Avoid sugar as it can cause decay

Gum care

Make sure to clean and massage your gums during brushing for complete oral care

Cleaning the tongue

Another important part of oral hygiene is keeping your tongue clean

Pexels: Oleg Magni 

Regular check up

Visit the dentist atleast once a year

Washing your mouth

Make sure to wash your mouth with water after every meal or even a snack just like you wash your hands


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