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By Neha Yadav
Published Nov 24, 2022

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10 Tips To Wash Winter Clothes

Winter season means wearing extra layers of clothes that require special care when taken for a wash

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Here are 10 tips to wash and take care of your winter clothes

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Most clothes have a tag attached to them inside, that provides useful washing instructions. Follow them carefully to avoid fabric damage

Check the tag

Wash these items at least once every month and then leave them to dry. Store them in a separate bag to prevent these items from getting tangled

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Hats, scarves, and gloves

Handwash woolen clothes with just a few drops of detergent as they require gentle cleaning

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Woolen clothes

Winter clothes are made of fabrics that can wear out easily if not washed with care. Make sure to treat stains gently by rubbing the detergent on the stain before washing

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Treat stains

Turn the garment inside out and submerge it in detergent water. Swish the clothes around and let the detergent soak through the fabric for 10 minutes

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Apart from using a mild detergent, make sure to put a fabric softener to take care of the delicate fabric of your garments

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Use a fabric softener

Rinse the clothes in cold water until the detergent is completely out. Avoid squeezing or wringing the garment after the wash as it can damage the fabric

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Wash your jackets and coats a couple of times during winter. Soak them in cold water with detergent and rinse them gently

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Jackets and coats

Try to simply spot clean stains on fur clothes rather than washing them as it can damage the fur. Use a spray bottle with water in it to spritz and brush the stains 

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Fur clothes

Wash your velvet clothes in cold water separately to prevent discolouration of the fabric and do not rub multiple velvet garments together during the wash

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Velvet clothes

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