10 unusual museums around the world


By Trisha Sengupta
Published January 26, 2021

Hindustan Times


International Spy Museum, USA

Located in Washington D.C, it houses the largest ever public collection of espionage artefacts


Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico

Constructed in the azure waters surrounding Cancun, this place has nearly 500 life-sized sculptures fixed to the seafloor


Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum, USA

One of its kind, this place displays over 800 ventriloquism-related dummies, photos, playbills, and historical books from the collection of William Shakespeare Berger


Pitt Rivers Museum, Shrunken Heads room, UK

This place displays artefacts from the upper Amazon region between Peru and Ecuador


Clowns Museum, Germany

This place is filled with perpetually smiling faces of clowns that welcome visitors from across the world

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Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

 It can be called an upside-down love museum. This place has a peculiar collection of items, each embodies tales of broken relationships and lost love


Museum of Bad Art, USA

As the name suggests, this place houses hundreds of paintings and sculptures of a very specific genre

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Musée Cinéma et Miniature, France

This place is filled with interesting miniature movie set designs and props from various films. It houses props from famous movie franchises like Terminator, Star Wars, and many more

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The National Leprechaun Museum, Ireland

This is a place where the classic folklore of the country is depicted in a fun way


Mr Toilet House

It is a two-story toilet-shaped building that has various toilet-related things on display. Besides educating visitors about the history of toilets, it also houses quirky bathroom signs from around the world


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