10 Ways To Light Up Your Home


By Mehak Pal
Published Aug 17, 2021

Hindustan Times


 From brightening up a space to adding a touch of beauty, different lights add different moods to a room. Here are 10 ways to light up your home 

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Floor Lamps

Perfect for corners, floor lamps are practical and add a nice look to any room. A floor lamp next to a comfortable chair makes for a cozy reading spot

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Tea light candles

These are a great way to add mood lighting to a room. You can place them in holders for a prettier look or place on inverted glasses as an inexpensive option

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Floating candles

Go a step ahead and use floating candles in a transparent bowl of water to add an appealing look to your centre table. Add some flowers to make it more colourful

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Colorful Lanterns

Instantly brighten up a room with an array of colours with these lantern lamps 

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Paper Lamps

These lamps are composed of cupcake wrappers or gift wrappers and come in different designs 

Picture Credit: Pexels/lilartsy

Fairy Lights in a bottle

Wondering what to do with leftover lights from Diwali? Put them in glass bottles or glass cups to brighten up a room

Picture Credit: Pexels/ Siri 

Lit up photo wall

You can also use those string lights to create a lit up a photo wall by hanging your favoruite pictures on them

Scented Candles

With the help of scent and wax, these candles not only add light to a room but also make a room smell wonderful 

Picture Credit: Pexels/paul wence 

Moon Lamp

The warm light of a Moon shaped lamp can amp up the mood of a room

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Neon Lights

Give your room some extra bling with neon lights that will create a statement as well as a much needed glow up

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