8 Sweets To Try This Durga Puja

Posted By Prapti Upadhayay
Published Sept 20, 2022

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Durga Puja, one of the most awaited festivals of the year, is just around the corner. The five-day celebration holds special importance for Bengalis from all around the world

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Credits: Pexels

All festive celebrations in India are accompanied by sweets. Here are some Bengali sweets you can try during Durga Puja 

Chanar Jilipi is Jalebi's paneer-based Bengali cousin. The deep-fried dough is dipped in sugar syrup and served hot

Chanar Jilipi

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Kheer kadam is a granular, milky, and khoya-covered rasgulla dessert

Kheer Kadam

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Sandesh is a famous Bengali dessert prepared with chenna. There are different varieties that you can try such as chocolate sandesh, mango sandesh, etc


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This sweet is a flaky parcel, filled with kheer, packed with a clove and coated with sugar syrup

Lobongo Latika

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Rajbhog is a sweet that resembles rasgulla and is prepared with chenna and a blend of dried fruits and saffron

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Nolen gurer payesh is a unique variation of payesh or kheer. Date palm jaggery is used to sweeten the dish in place of sugar

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Nolen Gurer Payesh

It's a semolina and maida dough crepe filled with mawa, coconut, and jaggery


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Mishti Doi is one of Bengal's most popular sweet delicacies. Made with caramelised sugar/jaggery, warm milk, and plain yoghurt, this sweet is ideal for a festival treat

Mishti Doi

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Narkel Naru is a Bengali-style ladoo prepared with coconut and sugar/jaggery

Narkel Naru

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