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By Neha Yadav
Published Jan 28, 2023

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A Brief History Of Tandoori Cooking

Here is a brief history of Tandoori known worldwide for its exquisite cooking style

Tandoori cooking is a technique popular throughout the Indian subcontinent tracing 5000 years back

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The long history of cultural exchange in India brought in culinary skills influenced by Tandoori cooking like kebabs, tikkas and naans

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Traces of Tandoor can also be found largely from the Mughal period. It is especially found in many parts of Northern India

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Tandoori cooking is believed to have originated in Persia. Its variants are also found across Central Asia

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Tandoori is a cooking technique in which food is cooked in a cylindrical clay oven known as 'Tandoor'

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This cooking style uses direct heat supplied by charcoal or wood fire. This technique roots back to the Indus Valley Civilization

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Traditionally, tandoors were dug inside the earth and heated using charcoal fire. Nowadays, tandoors in restaurants are made up of metal

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Flatbread is believed to be first cooked in tandoors. It is known as tandoori roti in India, Afghan naan in Afghanistan and Turkmen Chorek in Turkmenistan

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Tandoor in Armenia is called Armenian tonir. It is known as Georgian torne in Georgia and Somali tinaar in Somalia

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