All-new WhatsApp Features To Try


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 21 2021

Hindustan Times


WhatsApp's Android and iOS smartphone applications have received a flurry of new features and improvements

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Here are the top five new WhatsApp features you should try right now

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View Once

A feature that enables the user to only look at images and videos once before they vanish

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When you send a message, it will be erased as soon as it is opened and watched. This function is excellent for transferring sensitive information such as passwords

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Multi-Device Support

Added new support to handle multiple devices on the web

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This feature allows you to utilise the service on various PC and laptops without mirroring your smartphone

Message Reactions

To see the reactions, tap and hold a message, then drag your finger to the emoji you desire

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If the message is in a group, reactions will show below the content and will be accessible to everyone

Joinable Calls

This new WhatsApp feature allows anyone to join an ongoing voice or video chat

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Prior to this feature, users had to disconnect from a group call and restart to let a new person in 

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Payment Shortcut

Users may now transfer money to their contacts using this new functionality

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WhatsApp is introducing a separate payment shortcut in the chat bar for Android to facilitate easy payments to contacts

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