Amazing Health Benefits Of Hibiscus


Hindustan Times


By Mehak Pal
Published Jan 04, 2022

Hibiscus is a medicinal flower that contains several essential nutrients that can be beneficial for your health

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Here are a few ways in which Hibiscus can benefit your health

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Lowers blood pressure

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 Studies have found that having Hibiscus tea works effectively in lowering blood pressure

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Helps manage blood sugar levels

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A study suggests that regular consumption of Hibiscus flower extract for 21 days can lower blood glucose levels

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Brings down cholesterol levels

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Consuming Hibiscus flower extract orally, lowers the high levels cholesterol. It also shields the body from various heart diseases

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Enhances hair growth

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Washing your hair with a paste made of Hibiscus leaves strengthens the hair and promotes healthy hair growth

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Boosts immunity

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Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Hibiscus can help protect the body from diseases and strengthen the body’s defence mechanism

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