By Trisha Sengupta
Published July 14, 2020

Hindustan Times


10 benefits of aloe vera

you must know about

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Aloe vera is a succulent plant with numerous health benefits

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Aloe vera can be grown as a houseplant but it needs bright light to grow properly

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The plant is triangular and has fleshy leaves with serrated edges. The clear and odourless gel inside a leaf contains medicinal properties.

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Aloe vera gel contains different kinds of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anthraquinones (laxatives), and sugars

Aloe vera gel works wonders on inflamed areas. It soothes inflammation and burns

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Credit: Pixabay

Aloe vera, in the form of juice, helps in maintaining the pH level of the body. However, oral aloe is not recommended during pregnancy

The gel of this plant is extremely beneficial for your skin. Using it with lemon juice helps in removing tan

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Applying aloe vera gel before wash makes hair look shinier. It also reduces scalp irritation

Using aloe vera gel can help in moisturising the skin

It helps wonderfully in moisturising dry and cracked feet

Aloe vera gel is a natural way to remove makeup

It can prevent buildup of dental plaque

It can also be used to prepare delicious food dishes and drinks

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