Benefits Of Consuming Pistachio

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By Mehak Pal
Published Nov 13, 2021


One of the oldest edible nuts, pistachios are available in roasted, salted, shelled and unsalted forms

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Here are a few amazing health benefits of consuming pistachios

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They can curb appetite

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Pistachios rank among the highest when it comes to fiber content, which helps one stay full for longer

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Assist in weight management

Being low in calories, pistachios make for a healthy snack that may help with weight management

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Maintain blood pressure

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Pistachios contain potassium and other minerals that assist in maintaining proper blood pressure levels

Lowers the risk of cancer

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Studies suggest that regular consumption of pistachios reduces the risk of cancer

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Heart friendly snack option

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Having a handful of pistachios is good for the heart as they lower bad cholesterol levels in the body

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