Benefits Of Cooking In A Clay Pot


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By Mehak Pal
Published Sep 14, 2022

Cooking food in a clay pot not only enhances its flavour but also improves the quality of the food

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Here are a few benefits of cooking food in a clay pot

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Adds flavour

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Due to the alkaline nature of clay, food cooked in an clay pot tastes different 

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Enhances nutrition value of food

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Clay pots are porous and allow the heat and moisture to circulate evenly during the cooking process, thus retaining the nutritional level

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Regulates the pH level of food

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Clay is alkaline in nature and its interaction with the acidity in the food leads to a balanced pH level which in turn makes the food healthier

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Good for your heart

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Cooking food in a clay pot requires less use of oil and slowly cooks the food, which helps retain the natural moisture and oil present in the food

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