Best Console-Based Party Games To Play


By Atharv Sharma
Published Nov 23 2021

Hindustan Times


Party games can deliver some of the most memorable gaming experiences

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They compel players to band together and strive toward a single goal, which can be quite satisfying

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Here are a few party games that are sure to bring cheers, laughs, and excitement to any party

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Jackbox Party Pack Series

For years, Jackbox Games has produced fantastic party game compilations that are both challenging and entertaining

Credits: Jackbox Games

That's You

Mainly relying on what you know about a person, That's You is a wonderful party game for players who know each other well

Credits: Playstation

Overcooked 2

In this game, a group of four players work together in bizarre kitchens to prepare ingredients, cook food, and serve dishes all at the same time

Credits: Team17

Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022 is a terrific party game since it takes away the burden of not knowing how to dance by showing you exactly what to do on-screen

Credits: Ubisoft


Towerfall is an essential addition to any social event, where the players participate as archers tasked with shooting the opposite players

Credits: Matt Makes Games

Rocket League

Whether you're slamming into opponents, taking crazy shots, or scoring incredible goals, every Rocket League encounter is quick and chaotic in all the right ways

Credits: Rocket League


VIDEOBALL is a party game for players who enjoy devising intricate plans and devious manoeuvres to outsmart their opponents

Credits: Iron Galaxy

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