Best Open World Games For Android


By Atharv Sharma
Published Dec 27, 2021

Hindustan Times


Looking for a game with a good storyline and engaging gameplay? Here are a few open-world games worth checking out

Credits: Pexels

Gangster Vegas: World of Crime

Credits:  Gameloft

The city of Las Vegas is featured in this open-world game by Gameloft, which includes third-person action missions, racing, and hidden collector objects for players to find

Credits: Gameloft

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

Credits: Rockstar Games

The android version features the same popular plot as the main game, which includes feuding families, organised crime, and political corruption, among other things

Credits: Rockstar Games

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Credits: Minecraft

Minecraft offers a pure open world experience. You can mine resources, make items, construct structures, kill bad guys, fish, and even travel to other worlds

Credits: Minecraft

Genshin Impact

Credits: miHoYo

You are given a large open world to explore in this visually striking android game. The game even provides you with a glider to help you traverse longer distances

Credits: miHoYo

Pokemon Go

Credits: Unsplash

Players explore the real world while using AR to find and collect Pokemons on their devices, thus giving the game a truly open-world experience

Credits: Pexels

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