Chicken with Mushroom
in Oyster Sauce


By Srimoyee Chowdhury
Published September 17, 2020

Hindustan Times


Marinade and keep aside for 1 hour

Egg White - 1

Garlic Powder- Half tsp

Black Pepper Powder - Half tsp

Oyster Sauce - 2 tbsps

Dark Soya - 1 tsp

Light Soya - 1 tbsp

Chicken - 500gm

Ingredients for marination

Cornflour: 1 and a half tbsps (soak in 1 cup water)

Chicken Stock: Half cup

Rice Wine Vinegar - 1 tbsp (optional)

Sesame Oil: 8 tbsps

Oyster Sauce - 3 tbsps

Dark Soya - 1 tbsp

Light Soya - 2 tbsps

Fish Sauce - 1 tsp

Salt - To taste

Dried Red Chilies – 3 (whole)

Garlic – 10-12 cloves (chopped)

Mushrooms - 100 gm

Mixed Bell Peppers - Half each of medium sized (diced)

Onion - 2 medium sized (diced)

Ingredients for tossing

Heat up 4 tbsps of sesame oil in a saucepan and fry the marinated chicken until golden brown. Set aside 

Heat up 4 tbsps of sesame oil in a deep bottomed pan/wok. Put chopped garlic and chilies. Stir until brown

Add mushrooms and stir fry till soft

Add veggies and stir fry. Add a pinch of salt (optional)

Mix the light soya, dark soya, oyster and fish sauce and add the mixture in the sauteed veggies. Stir well

Add the chicken fried before and mix it well with the sauce. Taste it and add salt if needed. Add a splash of chicken stock

Add the cornflour and water mix just before putting the dish off the stove. Stir well until the gravy thickens

Serve hot with noodles or fried rice

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