Different Forms Of Martial Arts In India


By Atharv Sharma
Published Mar 14, 2022

Hindustan Times


Martial arts are often a reflection of a country's history, culture, and legacy. In fact, certain Indian martial arts have been prevalent from ancient times

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Here are some martial arts that are indigenous to India

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The expressive form of Kalaripayattu, which combines 18 military methods, a blend of skill and strength, and sword and shield play, dates back to the 3rd century BC

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Sqay is an ancient martial art that has been practised by Kashmiris for centuries. Armed sqay uses a curved single-edge sword and a shield

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Kushti is a type of traditional wrestling that evolved during the Mughal Empire by merging the native sport of malla-yuddha with Persian varzesh-e bastani influences


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This traditional martial art from Manipur combines a variety of  weapons with an internal practise of physical control through delicate movements and breathing

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