By Trisha Sengupta 
Published December 23, 2021

Hindustan Times


DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

There is nothing special than a personal touch while giving a gift to someone, especially during Christmas

Here are some of the gift ideas that can help you capture the true spirit of the day

Teacup Candles


Secure wick at the bottom of a teacup using glue, keep it centred by wrapping around a pencil on top. Pour molten wax into the cup, add a few drops of essential oils, let it harden, trim the wick

Pexels: Ron Lach 

Succulent Box

 In a beautiful box, place a variety of succulents. In glass jars add soil, sand, and gravel for decorations. You can also add handwritten notes on how to take care of each

Bath Bombs

Pexels: Monstera

Whisk citric acid, cornflour, bicarbonate of soda, and Epsom salt. Mix base oil, essential oil, food colouring into mixture. Put into mould, smoothen it and pack tightly, leave to dry

Rose Soap

Melt and pour soap base in mould, add poppy seeds, dried rose petals, stir properly, allow it to sit for at least 2 hours

Body Scrub

Add coffee, salt and a few drops of essential oil and stir thoroughly. Gradually add base oil like almond or hazelnut oil and stir continuously until the mixture becomes moist

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