By Neha Yadav
Published May 29, 2024

Hindustan Times

Video Credits: Pexels

4 ways to break free from gaslighting

Gaslighting is a psychological abuse when a person causes someone to question their sanity or perception of reality. It can lead to stress, anxiety, confusion and low self-esteem.

It is essential to identify when someone is gaslighting you. Here are some tips to break free from gaslighting.

Differentiate between truth and distortion

Those who gaslight you, often distort the truth, manipulate, and tell you about their version of events. In such cases, it is crucial to analyse a conversation and differentiate between reality and distortion.

Practice patience

Avoid making hasty decisions and blaming yourself instantly as a result of things others say to gaslight you. Practice patience and pull yourself away from the situation to analyse further.

Seek help

If you are unable to communicate your concerns to the other person and they constantly gaslight you, it is essential to consult a counselor or seek help from a closed one who can help provide a resolution.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries with those who gaslight you creates a line of control that helps prevent certain situations of manipulation.