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By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 5, 2021

Hindustan Times


Credits: Instagram/ fortnite

Always in the news because of its constant updates, this battle royale game is a hit among young gamers


Credits: Instagram/ callofduty

This free-to-play battle royale game stands out because of its realistic gameplay experience

Call Of Duty: Warzone

Credits: Instagram/ playwildrift

A treat for fans of the original League of Legends, this version of the game is one of the most popular titles today

Wild Rift: League of Legends

Credits: Instagram/ forzamotorsportofficial

One of the best free-to-play racing games available, Forza Motorsport 6 provides quite a visual experience for gamers

Forza Motorsport 6

Credits: Instagram/ wizards_magic

Loaded with amazing board animations, this digital rendition of the famous card game is regarded as one of the best collectible card games

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Credits: Instagram/ swtorofficial

Fans of the Star Wars franchise can now buckle up and explore the galaxy as their favourite characters in this free-to-play game

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Credits: Instagram/ smitegame

With a roster filled with characters inspired by various mythologies, Smite is an action-oriented piece of gaming excellence 


Credits: Instagram/ dota2

One of the most played PC games of all time, Dota 2 garnered a lot of love from the gaming community for its competitive experience

Dota 2

Credits: Team Fortress

Known for delivering constant free updates, Team Fortress 2 is a great choice when it comes to shooter games

Team Fortress 2

Credits: Instagram/ genshinimpact

Filled with puzzles, minibosses, and resources to collect, the enchanting open-world experience of this game is worthy of appreciation

Genshin Impact

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