Exciting Places To Go On A Date In NCR


By Ada Kohli
Published Oct 30, 2021

Hindustan Times


Nehru Planetarium 

Credits: Flickr/ P. L. Tandon

Take your date to the Nehru Planetarium and spend your time stargazing during the day. It can be quite a romantic date idea

Credits: Flickr/ P. L. Tandon

Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Sumita Roy Dutta/CC4.0

If you both love an adventure then plan your next date to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. You can indulge in various sports from rock climbing to tyre swinging 

Credits: Pexels

Worlds of Wonder


Another exciting date idea is to spend a day at the World of Wonder amusement park and enjoy some exciting rides with one another

Credits: Unsplash

Mystery Rooms

Marine 69-71/CC4.0

A thrilling date idea is to go to the Mystery Rooms in CP and enjoy completing different challenges with your partner

Tony the Marine/CC3.0

The Garden of Five Sense

Credits: Instagram/delhitourism_official

Located in Saket, this can be an ideal romantic getaway for you and your partner. Take a stroll through this beautiful garden and enjoy the nature together

Credits: Unsplash

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