Exercises To 
Burn Belly Fat


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 5, 2021

Hindustan Times


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Struggling to get in shape and flaunt a toned tummy? Here are a few exercises that can help burn that belly fat and get you trim

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Do consult a professional before trying out these exercises to prevent injury and correct posture

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One of the fundamental solutions to burn belly fat, push-ups will help strengthen your torso, shoulders, and midsection

Push Up

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This exercise helps in strengthening the core abdominal muscles and burns fat around the belly rapidly


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This simple exercise targets your core and oblique muscles because you can feel the fat burning away with every movement

Bicycle Crunch

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Apart from burning calories and toning the lower abdomen area, this exercise also improves your posture and increases balance

Scissor Kicks

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Burns the belly fat without putting excess strain on your spine. This exercise will help you improve your posture and keep the core muscles engaged

Side Plank

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This exercise involves full-body motions that help improve overall flexibility and burns the extra fat right away

Cossack Squats

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An essential when it comes to trimming down the waist, this exercise will engage your core while being easy on your back

Frog Sit-Ups

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