Famous Indian Sweets


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By Mehak Pal
Published Aug 25, 2021

Boondi Ka Ladoo

This classic sweet is an all-time favourite. These sweet round balls are prepared from gram flour and decorated with pistachios and saffron

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Nariyal Ka Ladoo

This delicate tasty treat is perfect for anyone who loves coconut 

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Gulab Jamun

An all-season sweet, this flavourful dish tastes even better when served hot. Its ingredients are milk, flour, dry fruits and sugar 

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This seasonal crispy sweet is usually available around the festival of Holi. It has a flaky covering with a filling of dry fruits and coconut 

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Also known as funnel cake, this succulent sweet is made from refined flour and dipped into a sugar syrup. It tastes best when severed hot

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Kaju Ki Barfi / Kaju Katli

Among the most loved sweets, this barfi is a part of almost every celebration. It is prepared with cashews, milk and sugar, and is decorated with a silver leaf 

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Cottage cheese, sugar and almonds are used to make this soft and juicy dessert 

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Gajjar Ka Halwa

A winter special dessert made from carrot, milk and sugar, it is served hot with a topping of dry fruits 


A very popular Indian sweet dish that’s available in all seasons and completes every occasion

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Gond ke Ladoo

This delicious and healthy ladoo is made from gond and helps in managing good health

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This delicious treat is always available at sweet shops. Dry fruits are garnished over the sweet to add colour and taste to it

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