By Trisha Sengupta
Published November 9, 2021

Hindustan Times


Food to eat and to avoid for healthy teeth

What you eat impacts the health of your teeth and gums. Hence, it is important to choose the food items carefully

Here is a list of foods to eat and to avoid for maintaining healthy oral health

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Best foods:

Here are certain items that can help improve your oral health

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Dairy products: 

They are rich in calcium and are good for the hard outer shell, enamel, of your tooth

Fibre-rich fruits:

They help in cleaning your teeth and gums naturally

Black and green teas:

They contain polyphenols which prevent bacteria from developing and producing acid that can harm your teeth

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Worst foods:

Just like there are foods that do good for your teeth, there are also those items that you should avoid

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Starchy foods:

Food items with high quantity of starch can get lodged in your teeth and cause harm

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Sweets and candies:

They often remain stuck to your teeth for long and cause growth of bacteria

Carbonated beverages: 

They contain acid that can erode tooth and also cause tooth damage

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