Hacks To Straighten Hair Naturally 


Published Sep 21, 2021

Hindustan Times


 Do you have frizzy hair and want to straighten them out without damage?

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Try these hacks to straighten your hair naturally 

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Milk proteins help soften and smoothen the hair, and honey acts as a natural moisturiser that seals the moisture in 

Milk And Honey

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Take a tbsp of honey and mix it with milk until they are well combined. The mixture adds shine to your tresses and straightens the hair 

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It is one of the most beneficial ingredients that has hair-softening properties


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Prepare a hair mask of two mashed overripe bananas, and add 2 tbsp of honey, olive oil, and yogurt. Blend it well to make a fine paste and apply it evenly for half an hour 

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Eggs contain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, which help straighten your hair, while the vitamin E in olive oil helps nourish them

Olive Oil And Eggs 

Take two eggs and olive oil in a bowl. Blend them well. Apply this blend to your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes 

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Aloe Vera can do wonders to your hair. It penetrates your hair and moisturises it which leads to healthy hair growth 

Aloe Vera

Take half a cup of aloe vera gel and warm olive oil each and mix it well. Massage your hair and scalp with this mixture 

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