Health Benefits Of Dancing


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 16, 2021

Hindustan Times


Who says working out can’t be fun? Put on some music and dance your way to a healthy lifestyle

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Here are a few ways dance helps you stay fit and healthy

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Mood Enhancer

Dancing helps rejuvenate your mood and lift your spirits by releasing endorphins in your brain

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Improved cognitive function

Your brain becomes more active and gives faster responses while dancing that leads to overall better cognitive performance

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Anti-ageing benefits

Since dancing engages all the muscle groups, it helps counteract the body’s physical decline

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Improves Body Balance

Coordinating and stabilising movements in dance help improve your body’s balance

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Increases Endurance

Regular dancing leads to a significant boost in endurance and stamina

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Better Sleep

A good dance session not only provides a good workout but also relaxes the mind and helps to have a good night’s sleep

Aids weight loss

Due to an increase in the metabolic rate, dancing helps in burning calories and losing weight

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Boosts heart health

Improved blood circulation in the body while dancing leads to better cardiac health

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