Health Benefits Of Jamun


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 8, 2021

Hindustan Times


Jamun, also known as java plum, is power-packed with nutrients that also provide numerous medicinal benefits and enriches the body

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Here are a few health benefits of this wonder fruit

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Maintain sugar levels

Jamun is considered a wonder fruit for people with Diabetes as it is good in controlling sugar

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Aids weight loss

Rich in fibre and low on calories, this super fruit helps promote weight loss

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Purifies blood

Jamun is rich in iron which helps naturally purify the blood

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Healthy skin

The vitamin A and C present in Jamun helps the skin be healthy, fresh and prevents acne

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Immunity booster

A storehouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Jamun helps in boosting your immunity

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Improves bone strength

This super fruit helps make your skeletal system stronger due to the presence of vitamin K, phosphorous and potassium

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Promotes oral health

The antibacterial properties of Jamun help protect one from oral infections and bacteria

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Boosts heart health

Rich in potassium, Jamun is known to keep the heart healthy

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