Healthy Herbs For Your Kitchen


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 16, 2021

Hindustan Times


Many nutritious herbs are available around us, but we remain unaware of their health benefits 

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Here are few such ingredients that will add to the nutritional value of your meals

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Milk Thistle

Known for its liver-healing properties, this wonder herb also helps boost your metabolism

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Being a natural diuretic, parsley significantly reduces the risk of urine infections

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Turmeric's immense healing properties and antiseptic nature make it beneficial to the body's immune system 

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An ordinary plant loaded with medicinal benefits, its use may improve brain functions and aid in reducing the symptoms of common cold

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Curry Leaves

The natural enzymes and fibres present in curry leaves help regulate bowel movements and maintain gut hygiene

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Due to its adaptogenic nature, this herb relieves stress and promotes healthy sleep


This heart-shaped herb and its antioxidant properties help improve the body's immunity 

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It has several health benefits such as relieving pain and swelling and is effective in decreasing blood pressure 

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