Hidden Features Of Google Assistant


By Atharv Sharma
Published Oct 11, 2021

Hindustan Times


Credits: Google

Google Assistant is a useful feature for your smartphone that allows you to use voice commands to make phone calls, send texts, create reminders, and seek directions

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However, you may be surprised by how much more Google's virtual assistant can do

Here are five hidden features of this powerful digital assistant

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Interpreter Mode

Users can ask Google Assistant to translate a conversation with a person who does not speak the same language

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To start Interpreter Mode, you need to ask Google Assistant to ‘be your interpreter’, then, you can choose which language you wish the discussion to be translated into

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Read out loud

When you come across an intriguing article on the internet, you can ask Google to read it to you

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Say "Hey Google, open Google Assistant settings" to get started. Swipe down the Settings screen to General, then toggle the Use screen context switch on

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Multiple language support 

If you say "Hey Google, change Assistant's language settings," Google Assistant will let you switch between two languages

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Many of your phone's major settings may be controlled with your voice. Simply say, ‘Hey Google, turn on [setting name]’

Control phone settings 

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Find your phone

Not sure where your phone is? Just say 'Hey Google, find my phone' from another Android device to get its location

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