Hidden Gems Of Himachal Pradesh


Nov 05, 2021

Hindustan Times


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Staying indoors is difficult, especially if you enjoy travelling and discovering new locations

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Here are a few places in Himachal Pradesh that everyone should visit at least once in their lives

Credits: Harvinder Singh/ CC 4.0

Prashar Lake

Credits: Creative Commons 4.0

This tranquil location, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, will make you want to stay there forever

Karsog Valley

Credits: CC 2.0/ Travelling Slacker

A small town near Shimla in the Himalayan foothills. Winter is the greatest season to visit this location because the valley is covered with snow and fog

Credits: Unsplash

Credits: CC 4.0/ Marsmux

Sangla Valley

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Located on the right bank of the river Baspa, the highlight of this unexplored place is its snow-capped mountains

Credits: CC 2.0/ Carlos Galinda

Kalpa, Kinnaur

Credits: Unsplash

Kalpa, one of Kinnaur district's largest villages, is renowned for its apple orchards and lush green mountains

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