Home Decor Ideas For Festivals


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By  Mehak Pal
Published Oct 05, 2021

With Dussehra and Diwali around the corner, its time to make your home festival ready

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Here are a few ideas to liven up your home for the festivals

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You can add some traditional handcrafted fabrics and prints as wall hangings and cushion covers

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Use copper and glass crockery sets to serve meals as it adds a festive touch to your dining table

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Try to be artistic and make a memory wall that can reflect the festive spirit and can be an eye-catching corner for your guests

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To celebrate the festival, decorate your home with lights, lamps and ornate lighting fixtures. You can also place aromatic candles and sparkling fairy lights

Give your living room a green touch by adding indoor plants as their presence helps to tackle indoor pollution and soothes your senses 

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Deck up your windows with beautiful and traditional torans, vandhanvars and floral hangings

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Add a floral touch with fresh flowers to impart a natural fragnance to your home and keep the decor budget-friendly

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Give a fresh coat of paint to the pots kept outdoors. You can also add some fairy lights and lamps for a festive vibe

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