By Trisha Sengupta
Published August 14, 2020

Hindustan Times


Misti Doi for a perfect sweet treat


You also need an earthen pot or glass bowl

Cardamom – to taste

Plain curd – One and a half cup

Sugar/liquid jaggery – 2 cups

Milk – 1 litre


Pour milk in a deep bottom pan and lightly heat it up. Turn off the stove

Mix molten jaggery. You can also add caramelised sugar. To make, add sugar in half a cup of water and keep stirring until it turns golden-brown. Keep stirring continuously to avoid burning the mixture

Add the sugar mixture in the milk

Boil the mixture and reduce it. Keep stirring occasionally

Once the mixture is slightly reduced, mix half a teaspoon of powdered cardamom

Reduce it further, take it off the heat, and let it cool until it’s lukewarm

Beat the curd properly

Add to the milk mixture and stir until it dissolves

Pour it into the earthen pot or glass bowl

Cover properly with foil or use an airtight lid

Keep it in a warm place for 15 hours or more. Warmer temperature helps Misti Doi set faster

Credit: Pexels

Once it is set, put in the fridge

Enjoy the dish as a snack or dessert

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