Horror Movies for a Scary Weekend


By Ada Kohli
Published Sept 10, 2021

Hindustan Times


The Quiet Place Part II

The Abbott family has faced the terrors of unknown creatures that hunt by sound. But that’s not their only threat

Credits: Instagram/aquietplacemovie

The Babadook

A single mother realises that her son isn’t lying about a monster entering their home through the pages of a children’s book

Credits: Facebook/TheBabadook


Justine, a stringent vegetarian eats raw meat and develops a craving for human flesh

Credits: Facebook/Raw

The Shining

Jack becomes the winter caretaker at an isolated hotel to cure his writer’s block. A sinister presence influences Jack into violence, terrorizing his family 

Credits: Facebook/TheShining

The Conjuring series 

Paranormal investigators help a family terrorized by a supernatural presence in their secluded farmhouse

Credits: Instagram/theconjuring

The Omen Series 

An American diplomat adopts a son after his wife delivers a stillborn. He realizes that his son is the incarnation of the devil himself 

Credits: Facebook/TheOmen


Strange and creepy happenings torment an average California family when ghosts commune with them through the television set

Credits: Instagram/poltergeistmovie

The Ring

A journalist investigates a mysterious videotape that seems to cause the death of anyone, one week to the day after they view it

Credits: Instagram/ringsmovie

The Thing

A research team in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims

Credits: Facebook/TheThing

The Exorcist (1973)

A worried mother seeks the help of a local priest after her 12-year-old daughter is possessed. The priest requests to perform an exorcism

Credits: Facebook/the exorcist

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