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By Aniruddh Mishra
Published July 03, 2020

The bees in your garden may be smarter than you think

Bees have a secret language to talk to each other

This language is called the 'waggle dance'

Using waggle dance, bees help each other find the tastiest flowers

The waggle dance is surprisingly accurate

Bees can give exact directions to spots up to 6 km away

So how do you translate the waggle dance to plain English?

Hint 1: Bees vibrate very fast while moving in a straight line

Source: ASU Ask A Biologist

The length of the waggle line shows how far the flower is

Hint 2: Bees waggle at
a specific angle on the hive

Source: ASU Ask A Biologist

The angle tells the other bees where they have to fly relative to the sun

These intelligent bugs are not just useful for making honey

Bees are important in growing of a lot of food we eat

Bees pollinate 70% of the world's 124 main crops

However, bees are under 'great threat', as per the UN

Climate change, intensive agriculture, pesticides & pollution are hurting bees

So, do your bit to help protect these astounding creatures!

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