How To Avoid Cravings On A New Diet


Published Sep 14, 2021

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Several people have food cravings when they start a new diet

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Here are a few tips you can try to reduce cravings on a new diet

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A healthy diet should contain enough protein as it helps you feel full and satiated for longer

 Increase protein intake 

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It keeps the mouth busy and can help keep junk food cravings at bay

Chew Gum 

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It is a great way to help reduce cravings. Drinking water before meals also brings down your appetite 

Stay Hydrated

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Stress can increase food cravings. So, take a walk or practice breathing exercises to avoid stress which in turn will help reduce food cravings

Avoid Stress

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Maintain a regular eating pattern. Eat food at regular intervals and do not opt for any crash diets

Maintain An Eating Pattern 

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Studies show that not getting sufficient sleep could alter the body’s hormone balance which may lead to food cravings and overeating

Ample Sleep

Make a note of your meals and prep them in advance 

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Plan your meals

Eat a healthy diet and maintain the nutritional balance of your body. It may help reduce food cravings 

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Balanced Diet

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