How to care for dogs during monsoon


By Mehak Pal
Published Aug 6, 2021

Hindustan Times


Protect your pets from getting wet in the rain and keep them as dry as possible

Clean the foot pads of pets after walks outside. Use antiseptic liquid with lukewarm water to wash their feet and dry the spaces in between their toes to avoid fungal infection

Due to high humidity, pets’ fur can get wet and can even smell bad. In such a situation, use medicated talcs and deodorants

Pexels: Yaroslav Shuraev

Fleas and ticks can attack pets more during monsoon. Use tick and flea treatments regularly in this season

Use antiseptic shampoo to bath your pets and dry the fur properly

Feed them clean and boiled water and change the water in their bowl every two-three hours


Avoid waterlogged areas for walks with your pets

Pexels: Yaroslav Shuraev

Avoid delays in the regular grooming routine, clipping of the nails, dental checkups, and ear cleansing

Thunder can frighten pets so keep them cozy and comfortable during this season. Use anti-anxiety drugs to calm them down after consulting a vet

It’s better to opt for dry, ready-to-eat packaged food instead of regular meat or chicken for your pet during monsoon

Pexels: Magda Ehlers

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