How To Cure Swollen Feet During Pregnancy


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Jan 13, 2022

Also known as Edema, swollen feet during pregnancy is the most common complication 

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Here are some tips to cure swollen feet during pregnancy

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Epsom salt foot soak

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Soaking your legs in a tub of warm  salt water reduces swelling, inflammation and muscle pain

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Elevate your feet

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Try not to stand for too long as it puts excessive pressure on your feet. While resting, elevate your legs on a pillow for 20 mins, 3 to 4 times per day as it relieves swelling

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 Eat more potassium

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Include potassium-rich foods like sweet potato, banana and pistachios in your diet to maintain the salt to water ratio in the body

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Compression socks

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Compression socks ease swelling and discomfort. Besides managing blood flow, these socks provide pain relief, prevent fluid collection in your legs

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Foot massage

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Massaging your feet is a fruitful way to provide relief to swollen feet during pregnancy

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