How To Keep Nails In Good Health

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By  Mehak Pal
Published Oct 08, 2021

Having clean and healthy nails are essential to one's hygiene, hence it is crucial to have a proper nail care routine

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Here are a few tips to help one build a proper nail care routine

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Using nail-polish remover to clean your nails works effectively as it removes the accumulated dirt and bacteria

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 Try to keep your nails short and give them a good shape as they are prone to breakage 

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Be careful while trimming your nails to prevent any damage to the cuticles 

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Use gentle nail paints as harsh polishes may include chemicals that lead to brittleness, dryness and thinning

Apply a basecoat to prevent the nails from staining. A topcoat may also be applied to prevent nail polish chipping

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Make sure to moisturise your nails properly with almond or coconut oil as dry nails are more susceptible to cracking and breaking

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Make sure to add foods that contain protein and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet as they boost keratin production and moisturise the nails

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Avoid biting your nails as it causes infection and damages the cuticles

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