How To Make Diwali Safe For Your Pets

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By Mehak Pal
Published Oct 31, 2021


 Amidst all the Diwali festivities, have you checked if your home or the area of residence is safe for your pets?

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Here are a few tips to make Diwali celebrations comfortable for your pets


Keep check on the availability of prescribed anti-anxiety medicines of your pet as Diwali celebration may prove to be stressful for them

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 Due to noise from the crackers, issues may arise in your pet’s heartbeat. So, be careful and be with them when they are exposed to noise

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 Try to keep them in a comfortable, cool and a noise free room. You can also put cotton balls in their ears to reduce the noise 

Understand your pet’s body language and let them adjust before changing things

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Pets become scared and confused because of noise pollution and might want to run out of the house, make sure you keep them indoor safely

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Keep diyas and candles away from your pet to avoid any kind of mishap 

Due to festivities sometimes we share some sweets, chocolate or fried food with them. Try to avoid it as it can upset their stomach

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Take your pet out for a walk in the early hours of the evening so that they can gradually adapt to the changing environment 

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Keep your pets away from the rangoli as they might get excited and start rolling in it which can lead to skin infection

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Post-Diwali smoke and pollution can be harmful for your pet so try to invest in air purifiers

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Try to distract or keep your pet physically occupied by doing various indoor activities until Diwali celebration gets over 

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Playing TV, radio or soothing music in high pitch may distract them from any outside noise

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