How To Make Simple Besan Sheera At Home


Hindustan Times


By Amrita Kaur Kohli
Published Mar 27, 2023

Ghee: Half a bowl

Sugar: Little less than 1 bowl (adjust as per taste)

Gram flour or Besan - 1 bowl


Image Credit: Pexels

Almonds (chopped): 1-2 tbsp

Cardamom (powdered): Half a tsp

Water: 4-5 bowls


Roast the besan in a pan for a bit

Add the ghee and stir the mixture

Continue stirring the besan and ghee mixture till it turns dark yellow. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture

Add the almonds, stir for a bit. Now add the sugar and pour the water so the mixture doesn’t thicken. Sprinkle cardamom

Continue stirring till you get a smooth consistency

Your arm may hurt a little

But it will be worth it once the mixture reaches a smooth consistency

 The dish is now ready. Serve it hot

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