How To Take Care Of Pets During Winter


Hindustan Times


Nov 07, 2021

Wondering how to take the best care of your pets during winters?


 Here are some tips to protect them from this weather

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 Try to make a comfortable and warm bed for your pet where he/she can take rest

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Keep your pets warm with jackets, sweatshirts and coats and make them wear it only when it’s cold

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Try to give dry baths to your pets during winters as it will prevent them from falling sick

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 Make sure to replace the pet clothing regularly and gently brush their hair 

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During winter season, try to keep your pets away from electric heaters and blowers

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 Massage coconut oil over your pet’s skin as it hydrates the skin and eases irritation from flea bite allergies

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 Make sure to feed your pet with warm food and avoid overfeeding them

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Try to give a fish-based diet to your pet as it is ideal for this weather. It contain plenty of omega fatty acids that assist in improving the health of your pet’s skin and coat

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