ICC Rules: Full List Of Changes

By Prapti Upadhayay
Published Sept 25, 2022

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ICC has revised some rules and made significant changes in cricket, which will be enacted on October 1 and will be applicable in the next T20 World Cup in Australia

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Sourav Ganguly, former India captain, led the Men's Cricket Committee that proposed the modifications to the playing rules in the revised edition of 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket

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Here are the changes that were made in ICC rules

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Use of saliva banned

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The ban on using saliva to polish the ball, enacted almost two years ago amid the COVID outbreak, is now permanent

A new batter enters the crease

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If a batter is out, the next batter will walk to the striker's end, regardless of whether the batters crossed before the catch was taken

Running out of the non-striker

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Running out the non-striker when the batter leaves the crease during the bowler's runup or before the ball is thrown will be allowed

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The technique will be termed run out rather than 'Unfair Play'

Timeouts in ODIs and Test matches

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In Tests and ODIs, an entering batsman must be prepared to take a strike within 2 minutes. For T20Is, the time limit of 90 seconds will remain

Unfair field movement penalty

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In the case of an unfair movement by a fielder, while the bowler runs in to bowl

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The fielding side will be penalised 5 runs and a dead ball will be called

No ball and Dead ball

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If a player hits a ball after going beyond the pitch, it is termed a dead ball

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Likewise any ball thrown by the bowler that forces the batsman to move beyond the pitch is a no-ball

Over-rate penalty

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If the bowling side fails to bowl their overs on time, the extra fielder will be brought within the fielding circle for the remaining innings

Bowler throwing towards the striker's end before delivery

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Before, if a bowler noticed the batsman advancing down the wicket before entering their delivery stride

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They might attempt to run out the batter. This will now be known as a 'dead ball'

Hybrid pitches

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If both sides agree, hybrid pitches will be permitted in men's and women's ODIs and T20Is. They are currently only permitted in women's T20Is

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