By Khushi Pal
Published Jul 09, 2024

Hindustan Times
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Photo Credits: NASA

NASA reveals breathtaking views of space: See 10 stellar pics

The space contains enchanting visuals formed by stars, galaxies and nebulae. Here is a look at ten captivating images of space shared by NASA.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope took this stunning image of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A.

NASA's Super Pressure Balloon Imaging Telescope captured this gorgeous sight of the Tarantula and Antennae galaxies. 

This striking image shows a colossal galaxy, located 522,000 light-years away from Earth. 

This breathtaking image by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope captured a greenish mist illuminated by two bright stars.

This captivating image features a star cluster in the Large Magellanic cloud, a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way.

This marvellous image shows the Centaurus A galaxy featuring orange and dark red dust lanes⁣. 

James Webb Space Telescope took this stunning image of the Carina Nebula.

Check out this enchanting image of the Rosette Nebula, home to hundreds of young stars. 

NASA's Chandra X-Ray captured this marvellous sight of a supernova remnant, produced by the explosion of a massive star. 

This surreal image shows a stellar nursery in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy surrounded by cosmic clouds and hot young stars.