Incredible Benefits Of Drumsticks


Nov 21 2021

Hindustan Times


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Drumstick is a unique plant species whose seeds, flowers, leaves, and stalks are all edible and high in nutrients

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Also known as moringa, it is considered a 'super food' because of its distinct yet potent properties in combating various ailments in our bodies

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Drumsticks are versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. You may prepare curries, use it in soups, broths, pickle it or put it in salads

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Drumsticks are well known to be medicinal and high in nutrients, and they are grown in various places across India

Credits: Instagram/ la_novia19

Here are some incredible health benefits of this super food

Maintains blood sugar levels

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They help improve gall bladder function, which helps to keep blood sugar levels in check

Boosts immunity

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They include vitamin C and other antibacterial properties that help boost immunity and avoid seasonal infections

Improves bone density

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Drumsticks are high in calcium and iron, both of which are necessary for strong bones

Helps purify blood

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The antibiotic agents in the drumsticks aid in increasing blood circulation, which in turn improve oxygen levels

Aids digestion

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Fibre is another key ingredient found in drumsticks that aids with regular bowel movements and keeps your gut health in check

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