Lifestyle Habits For A Happier You


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Published Oct 04, 2021

Simple changes to your daily habits may help bring you closer to happiness

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Here are a few activities that can make your everyday happier 

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 Laughter therapy acts as a natural medicine that may reduce your stress hormones and upgrade your mood 

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Watching sunset or sunrise may refine your emotional well-being and help you feel elated

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 Listening to music is also beneficial as it releases the feel-good hormone dopamine

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Try to plan a trip to a new destination as it refreshes your mood and makes for an exciting adventure 

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Write down two to three events you are thankful for, as this practice may help you to focus on positivity throughout the day

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Studies suggest that helping others, unplanned or voluntary, gives you higher life satisfaction 

Whenever you feel low, think of all the good times you have spent with your family and friends. This practice may help you feel better 

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 Exercise plays a vital role in making one feel happier as it releases hormones such as endorphins and dopamine, which are associated with happiness 

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