By Khushi Pal
Published Feb 23, 2024

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: Pexels

5 aromatic plants to soothe your senses

Some plants have a natural, pleasant scent, which can create a soothing atmosphere for your home. Here are five aromatic plants to help elevate your senses. 


Rosemary plants have a woody and herbal aroma, which can help create a refreshing environment for your home.


 Eucalyptus leaves exude a strong and powerful aroma with hints of mint, honey, and citrus. It is beneficial in clearing brain fog and sinuses and is ideal for keeping in your study or office room.


Lavender has a floral and woodsy essence, which helps promote calmness. These gorgeous purple blooms are known for their relaxing properties.


Orchids come in a variety of vibrant colours. They have a pleasant and refreshing fragrance, which helps create a serene space. 

Lily of the Valley 

These beautiful and tiny bell-shaped flowers have a floral and sweet scent, which can help create a soothing environment for your home.