By Khushi Pal
Published Nov 25, 2023

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: Pexels

5 energy-boosting foods to beat fatigue 

The body needs energy to perform various important functions through the day. Not consuming a rich balanced-diet can cause one to feel tired and sluggish. Here are 5 energy-boosting foods to include in your diet to beat fatigue and lead an active life.


Bananas are one of the most readily available energy-boosters. They are rich in potassium, fibre, vitamins, and carbohydrates which naturally boost energy.

Dry fruits and nuts 

Dry fruits and nuts such as almonds and walnuts are a good snacking option when tired as they are loaded with vital nutrients that provide the body with energy.

Sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are loaded with carbohydrates, fibre and potassium which are beneficial in combating fatigue.


Staying hydrated is important for the body to fight tiredness. Having sufficient water throughout the day helps you in functioning optimally.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds provide prolong energy as they contain a high amount of carb content, healthy fats, and fibre.